Bronte goes Bananas for Orangutans

Bronte goes BananasInspired by the efforts of Daniel and William and their quest to save the orangutan, 14 year old Bronte Flanagan Coast went ‘bananas’ raising funds !!

Bronte and her mother travelled to Sydney on the 16th August to meet Daniel and William at one of their fund raising nights to interview them as part of a school project.  So inspired by their quest she inspired her family to get together a raise funds for The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program.

Bronte and her friend Tegan organised a sausage sizzle outside their local Woolworths store who were happy to help with some tables, tubs and ice for drinks.  Her mum and dad helped out with the cooking of the sausages and the handling of the money while Bronte and her friend Tegan served the customers.

Bronte goes bananas for orangutans“As soon as we started setting up we had people lining up for sausages!”, Bronte said.  “we also have a few people who just wanted to donate money which was really nice”.

The girls made signs supporting the orangutan quest and were inundated with questions from people ranging from “Why do they need saving” to questions about “Daniel and William’s quest and how she knows the boys”.

We asked Bronte, “What did you learn about doing the fund raiser?” and she replied, “It was so much fun! It made me feel so good knowing I did something to help an awesome cause”.

Overall the girls made an amazing $336 to save the orangutans!!

Well done Bronte & Tegan !!! 

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