Ironbark Ridge Public School

ironbark ridge public schoolAssistant Principal, Kerry De Jager, from Ironbark Ridge Public School, invited Daniel and William to talk about their quest to save the orangutan.

Over the past several months the students have been using Daniel and William’s book as the basis for studying the orangutan, endangered species, palm oil and deforestation.  The students felt like they had already known Daniel and William for some time and were delighted to welcome the boys to their school.

Over 150 student from years 5 & 6 sat motionless as they watched their video and subsequent presentation.

After the boys talk the Q&A session took on a lively tone when students asked some very thought provoking questions such as;

Why are palm trees being planted in the jungle?

How is the Palm Oil extracted?

Why are companies still labelling palm oil as vegetable oil?

Do you think the orangutans will eventually develop a voice? (like us)

ironbark ridge public school

“The questions from the students were of a really high level of understanding”, William said.

The students were really inspired by the boys visit and to know that you didn’t have to wait until your are an adult to do something about it and make a difference in our world.  One student felt so passionate about the boys quest he made a video which is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!


As Dawson said in his video, if you are inspired to donate to make a difference please go to The Orangutan Project’s website or CLICK HERE


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