2013 NSW Pride of Australia Medal Ceremony

Daniel and William beside the opera house for 2013 NSW Pride of AustraliaAs winners of the 2012 Pride of Australia State, National Environment Award and the People’s Choice award for 2012, Daniel and William were invited to attend the 2013 NSW Pride of Australia Award ceremony today at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.

It is a moving ceremony with many people from all parts of our community being nominated for the most extraordinary of human endeavours.  A young boy who had rescued a teenager after falling of a ledge and into a waterfall, people who have undergone heart and lung transplants and then setup a charity to assist others who require the same life giving surgery and of course there was the Donna Anderson, Widow of Inspector Bryson Anderson who was present to receive her husbands award for bravery in the line of fire.


With an incredible voice, Anthony Callea was the guest singer to provide entertainment to everyone present.  He sang his song, “Go The Distance” which was both appropriate and uplifting to everyone present.

Celebrity Presenters

The awards for the different categories were presented by several celebrities of which the boys had the opportunity to talk with after the event.

Dr Lisa Chimes, from TV’s Bondi Vet, spent time with the boys learning of their quest and has leant her support to the boys through their celebrity support page.

Daniel and William with Dr Lisa Chimes at the 2013 NSW Pride of Australia

Also present was leading Australian Model, Megan Gale, who took time out to also understand the boys quest and what they are achieving.  The boys presented to both Megan and Dr Lisa a copy of their book, “Tears In The Jungle“, and hope that it inspires them to spread the message of the orangutan’s eminent extinction.

Daniel and William and Megan Gale at the 2013 NSW Pride of Australia

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