Pymble Ladies College Swings In

200 Year 8 students at Pymble Ladies College (PLC) were captivated by Daniel and William’s presentation on their journey to save the orangutan.

Year 8 Students from Pymble Ladies College with Daniel and William
Daniel and William with some of the Year 8 Students from PLC

As part of PLC’s “Kids Teaching Kids” 2013 Program Paul Bulmer, Deputy Head of Middle School, asked Daniel and William to come and talk to the Year 8 students, who have been learning about conservation, deforestation and the orangutans.

“The year 8 students were very inspired by the boys story and journey”, Mr Bulmer said.

Pymble Ladies College Tears In The Jungle Talk

One student wrote to the boys later that evening saying…

Your story was so refreshing and uplifting and has inspired my friends and I enormously! What you are both doing is so amazing and I look up to guys with so much admiration and respect. I can’t wait to see the future ahead and I will definitely start supporting Orangutans!

Thanks PLC, we had a really great time !!