Standing Ovation at Conference

Daniel and William received a standing ovation from everyone who attended the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy Assistant National Conference at the Outrigger Resort on the Gold Coast today.  “We were really surprised when everyone started standing up – that had never happened to us before.  We were thrilled that everyone understood what we are doing about saving the orangutan”, 14 year old William said.

As the video of the boys journey to Borneo in 2008 started there was both laughter and tears of compassion as the audience were taken on a magical life changing experience for which changed the course of Daniel and William’s life 4 years ago.  While the audience was inspired by the actions of these two amazing brothers many were also compelled to meet the boys afterwards and share the effect their passionate presentation had on them.

“I was really surprised at how our presentation affected them”, Daniel said.

The conference attracts many famous people and Daniel and William had the opportunity to meet with Olympic Gold Medallist, Giaan Rooney.  They were taken back when they realised Giaan knew all about them and their quest to save the orangutan.

Daniel Clarke, Giaan Rooney and William Clarke

Thank you to Kos Sclavos and Catherine Vo for asking the boys to present at the Pharmacy Guild’s conference.  It was a great experience for the boys.

Daniel and William with the team at the Pharmacy Guild (Including Kos Sclavos, National President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia)

The boys travelled to and from the Gold Coast today with the best crews on Virgin Blue and our flight home to Sydney tonight came with a surprise when we were greeted by  Captain Sharon Whitehead who shared her experiences of being in Uganda with the Gorillas.  Virgin Blue always look after the special needs of our family and we are very appreciative of how they go out of their way to support Daniel as both he and his wheelchair requires a little extra care.