Music Historian Glenn A Baker lends his support

We were delighted to have a chance meeting with legendary Australian music historian, Glenn A Baker at an INXS concert recently.  After Daniel and William met Glenn and talked about the issues facing the orangutan they were amazed at his own knowledge and experience in regards to these beautiful creatures and Indonesia in general.

(L to R) William Clarke, Glenn A Baker, Daniel Clarke

Having travelled extensively he explained his experience with Indonesia and a deep understanding of the issues facing the orangutans as well as society’s constant desire for palm oil.

Daniel and William were thrilled to realise how well Mr Baker understood what was happening to the orangutans and were delighted to receive a wonderful quote in support of their book and quest to save the orangutans from extinction.

Daniel and William Clarke are truly remarkable young men and their journey to Borneo to focus attention on the precarious plight of the orangutan is an extraordinary, inspiring story. What they have done, as documented in Tears In The Jungle, will stay with them, and its readers, for a lifetime. It is more than just an adventure, it is triumph against obstacle.

Glenn A Baker

With Glenn’s permission we have added his name to our Celebrity Supporters page which contains celebrities and media personalities who have also pledged their support of the boys quest.