Matthew Pearce Public School

Well done Matthew Pearce Public School – you guys rock !

The questions were fantastic !  Especially the one from the young girl who was wondering whether her DNA was closer to the orangutan because she had red hair!  A GREAT question.

Thank you also to the teachers for allowing Daniel and William to present to Year 6 and also getting in on the questions too.

One of the questions that was asked was, Where does the money go that Daniel and William raise.  Daniel and William support three Australian based charities that already have programs established in Indonesia that help protect the orangutan habitat, they are;

Click on the links above to see the programs that each one runs as they all have a different approach to saving the orangutans habitat and of course please feel free to support them directly with any fund raising activity you would like to do yourself.

After the presentation Daniel and William stayed back and signed books for as long as possible – They all had a great day.

Thanks Matthew Pearce Public School !!



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