St Annes School

Daniel and William presented to an eager group of both High School and Primary School students at St Annes School in Temora today and were welcomed by their Principal, David Keenan.

In particular the High School students were interested in how Bear Grylls came to Facebook and Tweet about Daniel and William’s book back in late February this year.

The school loved receiving their orangutan baby as a momento of the boys visit.

Temora Public School

With the sign at the front of the school welcoming Daniel and William and the recognition from the kids as they walked into the school it was immediately apparent that they all had seen our family on Australian Story.

What was also amazing was that they used today’s event to raise $82 as a gold coin donation to The Orangutan Project – Thank you so much!

The kids were great, sitting riveted to the floor while Daniel and William went through their presentation and the questions asked were once again well thought out and coming from all different angles.

Of course, everywhere we go, the Kia Grand Carnival is highly noticeable and is drawing much attention. All of the parents that are greeting us are marvelling at this fantastic family wagon (If you do go and buy a Grand Carnival after seeing ours please let Kia Motors Australia know!!).

What was funny was, this afternoon, after presenting at both schools and then going for a drive around this beautiful small country town there was many occasions where kids were waving at the boys in the car and then taking the opportunity to eagerly relay the story of the boys visit to their school earlier today to their parents.

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