Helping out Eastway Elementary, USA

Daniel and William watched an Ellen DeGeneres show in January 2012 where she assisted a school (Eastway Elementary, USA) who were passionate about encouraging their students to read, however, were hampered by a lack of funding so were unable to stock the school library with books.

While Ellen stepped in and kindly provided funding for the school, Daniel and William were so encouraged by Ellen’s actions, they both said, “Let’s send them a copy of our book so they can learn about the orangutans and also know that whatever their passion is, they should follow their dreams”.

So they packed up several copies of their book and sent them over to the Principal of the school and this morning they received a lovely response…

Principal Kendrall Flowers, of Eastway Elementary writes, “Thank you both sooo much for thinking about our school and sending us copies of your wonderful book!! Our students are thoroughly enjoying it. The photographs as well as the overall book were unbelievable!!! I have placed your letter on our front hall bulletin board for our parents to read as well. Keep up the good work as well as your perseverance. I’m sure you both will continue to soar!”.

They both were thrilled to know that the kids received the books and were really enjoying them… you couldn’t wipe the smile from their face when they read the email!

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