December Presentations and Conferences

December 2011 was a very busy time for Daniel and William as they worked to get their message out there.  They were very fortunate to have been asked to be guest speakers at several events throughout December…

Daniel, Paul de Gelder & WilliameMerge Young Leaders Conference

Speaking alongside inspirational people including John Hughes, Masterchef contestant with cerebral palsy and Paul de Gelder, Navy Clearance Diver who was attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour, the boys delivered their presentation to a round of applause.

Warringah Council ‘Breakfast Live’ Presentation

At the request of the Warringah Council, Daniel and William were invited to speak to the council staff on their inspirational journey and achievements to date.  They were approached by many of the staff afterwards to congratulate them on their efforts and how much their presentation made a difference to each of them personally.

Opening the Manly Ocean Care Festival

At the invitation from the Manly Environment Centre, Daniel and William spoke at the opening of the Manly Ocean Care Day Festival with the Mayor of Manly, Jean Hay.  It was a great morning and a first for the boys to be asked to open a festival!!


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