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Book Reseller - Tears In The Jungle PaperbackWe love to work with Book Resellers and Book Distributors to ensure you are able to capitalise on the success of Daniel and William’s book, however, in order to manage the amount of reseller applications we need to gather some information from you in the form below.

We also would like to take this opportunity to be upfront in regards to our terms and conditions as well as our commitment to you

Our Commitment to You

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the goods do not arrive to you in perfect resale condition.  While we take great care in the packaging of our books, to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition, sometimes the unexpected happens and you should not bare the brunt of these circumstances.

We value your business.

Reseller Terms and Conditions (Australia Only)

  • You must be a bona-fide book reseller and have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Books are sold to you as a percentage off retail price  (Retail price of the books are AUD$16.95 inc GST for the soft cover and AUD$29.95 inc GST for the hard cover).   Rodney will discuss this with you the percentages after registering.
  • Your first order
    • You pay $10 toward postage & handling
    • Minimum order of 5 books (either hard cover or soft cover)
    • Books are dispatched on receipt of payment
  • Subsequent order(s)
    • You pay $10 toward postage & handling
    • Minimum order of 5 book (either hard cover or soft cover)
    • Invoice strictly 7 days

If you are OK with the above terms we would love to hear from you by completing the form below.  Please note that the completion of the form below constitutes your agreement to the above terms and conditions.

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